Guest Blog: Organization is Essential to the Writer

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By Lisa Mason

To-Do List: Check Email, Backup Projects, Update Blog
Sticky notes can help you organize your day.

Organization is essential to the writer in order to produce professional high quality work. Do you find it hard to meet deadlines? Do you often find the work day coming to an end only to wonder where the time went? Do you find yourself skipping around over different projects trying to decide which ones need to be done first? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to get organized.

Organization is Essential to the Writer: Tips for Getting Started

There are many ways to get organized and some things will have to be worked out based on your own unique personality. Nevertheless, there are a few simple rules that every writer can benefit from and these are listed below:

  • Start with a clean desk. When you have to wade through a mountain of papers to find what you’re searching for, it takes away from your efficiency.
  • Organize your files such as invoices, client list and projects by placing everything in its own folder, save and file away as a permanent record. These can be done both on your computer and manually on paper. It never hurts to have a physical copy of your important papers.
  • Print out a list of the writing projects you have along with the date they’re due and mark them off as they’re completed.
  • Use sticky notes to list your daily projects in the order they need to be done and place them near your computer to help you stay organized and on time throughout the day.
  • Keep track of your time by recording how long you spend on each project. Record when you’re actually working on the projects, when you’re answering emails, talking to clients and when you’re doing research. The day has a way of getting away from you if you’re not careful and this will help you see exactly where your time is being spent.

Use these tips for getting started to help maximum your efficiency and get the most out of your writing.

Organization is Essential to the Writer for Maximum Efficiency

As a writer, efficiency is necessary if you want to be a success. Being organized will help you become more efficient. In turn, you’ll become a better writer. You’ll find it easier to meet deadlines giving you more time to take on extra projects or spend with your family. You’ll have less clutter to deal with and being organized will help make writing less stressful so you can enjoy your work more. Organization is essential to the writer so make it a part of your daily routine.

About the Author:

Lisa Mason has been writing professionally since 1999 with a specialty in Internet content. She enjoys being a freelance writer because of the freedom it gives her. She has been writing her entire life and freelance writing allows her the opportunity to earn an income doing what she was born to do.  She is also the owner of Inspired Copywriting and My Writing Tips.


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