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In our fast-paced world, you have just a few seconds to make a favorable first impression. Don't squander those moments with poorly written content. I write punchy, authoritative business and financial content, attributed or ghostwritten. If you need a professional writer, look no further.


I write articles of any length, on any topic. You receive first-rate content that engages readers and motivates potential customers. Protect your credibility with well-crafted articles.


Timely content on a wide variety of topics. I adopt your preferred writing style, from breezy to professional. Great blogs boost your Page Rank.

Web Copy

Your website's written content must be flawless to gain the respect of visitors. Whether it's a single landing page or a 20-page marketing site, I will convey your message with snap and conviction.


Protect your company's reputation by choosing a ghostwriter who delivers expertly crafted content that enhances your website

Decades of Experience

Decades of Experience

I've written, and ghostwritten, thousands of articles covering investing, retirement, small business, real estate and personal finance. You'll find my writing on Chron, The Nest, Zacks, eHow and dozens of other sites. Before taking up freelance writing, I worked as a software engineer and business analyst. My education includes graduate degrees in finance and business administration.You can check out my ratings at, and send me a message using Quick Contact

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